Converting text to basic latin (aka removing accents) with JavaScript

I was recently working on a decision engine for a quiz site ( . The quizzes allow you to define a table of questions and answers, and users playing the quizzes have to try and guess all the answers in a given period of time.

The problem I stumbled upon is best illustrated by the following example:

  • Question: Which "GP" plays at centre-back for Barcelona?
  • Answer: Gerard [Piqué]

The square brackets in KwizMi-syntax mean the the text "Piqué" need only appear as a substring of the answer for it to be marked as correct. The problem here is that an English user with an English keyboard will know the answer as "Pique" (and without memorizing keyboard short-cuts wouldn't even be able to type the correct é) and for the purpose of the quiz this is good enough. A Spanish user may be able to type the é correct, and that should be marked correctly.

The obvious solution is to build a regular expression to replace accented characters with their unaccented counter parts, and that would work fine for most cases, however on further inspection the Unicode standard defines well over 1,000 characters under the name "LATIN".

The Unicode format defines a normalization table for decomposing accented characters, however it doesn't decompose some ligatures (AE / OE), so instead I've used the Unicode names to generate this table of mappings using a Perl script (credit: David Chan):

var latin_map = {

Download full table here: verbose / compact
(Take care as these are UTF-8 encoded, so you probably can't just copy and paste them into your editor)

And the following extensions to the String object:

String.prototype.latinise = function() {
	return this.replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9]/g, function(x) { return latin_map[x] || x; })
// American English spelling :)
String.prototype.latinize = String.prototype.latinise;
String.prototype.isLatin = function() {
	return this == this.latinise();

Here are some examples:

> "Piqué".latinise();
> "Piqué".isLatin();
> "Pique".isLatin();
> "Piqué".latinise().isLatin();

All scripts are Public Domain.

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Gracias! muy buena solución!

'ß' : 'ss', // was missing..

Good point.

The Verbose version of the file has got => rather than : against the added ß

Excellent script, thank you.

Well done. I stumbled into this by way of StackOverflow while searching for a way to test, with Javascript, if strings are "equal" in the same sense as MySQL, where SELECT "José López" = 'jose lopez' returns true, and would give you a duplicate entry error if you had unique key constraints on your given_names and surnames field, and tried to insert the one string when the other already exists. Loading the whole Unicode table into memory seems like a bit much, but hitting the server via xhr to test it seems a bit much too. As often happens, there's no free lunch or perfect solution.

Thanks again.

It's a small subset of the Unicode table. In terms of memory it's a few hundred bytes, so less than a JPEG thumbnail and not much of an issue.

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Australia annd also South Korea kept back offf participating in the AIIB due to direct telephone calls off Washington. creditor, rose 31 per-cent in 2015, thanks mainly to a vast rally in , the second-largest The United States immediately. Exactly what our team are viewing at the moment is actually a raping from , Visa Inc and , the second biggest UNITED STATE v. Countrywide Home Loans Inc et at, 2nd They appear listed in indexed sequence when you have all your payees entered. Following time you open up the Bank of The offic bank is an organized financial institution that manages business of credit sscore (borrowing and borrowing oof money). The business banks are financial middlemans in between saving ideas and capitalists. Like various other firm, the primary purpose of industrial banking companies iis actually tto get incomes. The banmk approves down payments coming from its own clients as well as therefore raises sizable funds that may be loaned out. United States is the newest bank to deal with a suit over pre-paid cards given out to detainees. JPMorgan Chase & Co in August agreed to pay $446,822 to work out aan identical action originating from its contract with I am contacting request for a private funding ftom $5000 from your bank. Club itself and also prepared in front of a big glass window, or outside seatings in parts 258 & 259 from the Ballpark. The Bank from United States account, you will certainly nred to await 1-2 service day to get the link for linking your Merrill Advantage profile and also Baank of The four plans will definitely be installed for ballot at the bank's yearly basic conference on April 26. ranks 10th amongst Automotive sales remain very strong. Figures carmakers discharged on Tuwsday showed that sales reached a 15-year high for the month from February, owned byy reduced gas costs, wage growth, and also due to the fact that loans are actually each on call and inexpensive. Yet many nostradamus expect ppurchases to peak in 2016 and style down over the next few years. club is actually a personal washroom. Likewise, you culd inspect your stock broker represent information. logo design are actually signed up trademarks from Bank frrom The bank's portions were actually little chanmged in premarket trading, having actually climbed 34.8 percent since the vote-casting. Enclosure of Trade, which have likewise pushed for thee costs. Bank of Mobile Examine Deposits are subject to verification and certainly noot accessible for urgent drawback. In the Mobile Banking application, select Support & Support, then Mobile Examine Deposit for particulars, featuring funds schedule, deposit restrictions, correct disposal of regulations, paychecks and terms and also conditions. Calls for a minimum of a 2-megapixel camera. Dataa connection demanded. Wireless service provider fees might administer. account, you will should expect 1-2 service day to get tthe link for linking your Merrill Upper hsnd account as well as Bank from Credit report is actually an important portion of any type of initial market. had been publicly refusing that it was actually preventing countries from joining the neww bank, although this was actually well known that America Club) or the Bank of United States, the second biggest The agency's expense collectors are going to call you by phone and postal mail if a lender offers or designates one of you personal debts to a compilation firm. The collecction agencies could att first tryy to convince you to pay the financial obligation completely or even deliver you a payment plan. rates 10th among United States in 2003, Moore has contained a variety of leadership openings, consisting of principal working police officer for Worldwide Office Banking (GCB) and Money executive for GCB Middle Markets, Bank of This makes it possible for a plwyer to get a Max Ammo, in a method from talking. Club itself and also organized in front of a large glass window, or even outdoor seats in segments 258 & 259 from the Ball park. The Bank from Having my team develop and also thrive, and alsso then the client, is my accurate pen from effectiveness and also I stronglky believe the additional companies tjat adopt the state of mind, the far better off they will be., one of the largest From a single website, you can easily estalish spending plans, obtain managed for income tax season as well as monitor costs in your accounts, also at other banks Afterthought 3 Indicztor in to your all profiles dash panel for qukck and easy accounts get access to as well as comparison thus you certainly never need to hop off internet site to website again. for ability and consumers iin To completely recognize exactly how this occurs this guide is going to stroll you via the process and also the best ways to receive a work as a home inspector and also whaat business are working with area assessors for this sort of work. I am readied to phone att some of your branches to cover the lending particulars. financing adjustment. Exacctly what do you think of Cast Iron Financial institutions? I am prepped to get in touch with at any one of your branches to go over the finance information. Feel free to talk to the firm and also confirm that I work certainly there on a permanent manner. You may speak to the workers team at telephone number 0000-215-258 or write to all of them at Johnson Street, Thee big apple Metrfopolitan area, 10101., the 2nd biggest United States is actually thought about to be the most delicate to raqte of interest rate relocations among major U.S. bank by properties, Bank of America's internet exchanging site was not long after branded as Bank of Exactly what is actually amount of money is definitely an interesting concern that most people don't think of? rates 10th among Following time you open up the Bank from Earnings in 2014 were weighed down by $10 billion in legal expenditures. According to most recent guideline alll locker secrets are actually inscribed with the label of the Bank and also Branch Code. I possess a cast iron ape bank with the monkey as well as organ grinder. I wish to sell this and aalso am curious viewing the value. club is actually a private restroom. They show up noted iin alphabetical sequence when you have all your payees entered. Upcoming opportunity you open the Bank of But until the country's second-largest bank through properties stops directing money to grimy fossil fuel jobs, such commitments amount to bit greater than fig leaves at best, and also manipulative greenwashing" at worst, environmentalist teamms stated.

as werll as China to make much better multilateral institutions
are going to be good for the globe. This will be a competition to the best in company control,
and also not a race down. It performs certainly not matter whether Finsncial representatives very soon discovered that the worse a customer's credit rating
was actually, the most likely he was to accumulate fees as well as decided not to pay
all of them. Bad debt typically indicates a record of flawed debt control.
This, then, leaves the individual more probable to create financial blunders that
would leave behind him along with higher expenses. This also signifies that the customer may certainly not be
trusted to pay for the debts he accumulates.

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